Palmtree – An Introduction

An innovative solution that delivers just-in-time training, communications and access to compliance program content.

Palmtree modules include:

  • Updates & push notifications enhance communication plans
  • Policies which can include videos, gif’s, meme’s and other related files
  • Choose your own adventure compliance scenarios
  • Education & training center
  • Report a Concern
  • In-App Gift Approval and Registry

In-App Gift Approval & Registry

The gift approval engine is flexible to support your gift approval processes and requirements.  The engine can:

  • Auto approve/decline based on amounts or identified government officials
  • Send gifts for review to supervisors, country or global based reviewers
  • Handle foreign currency
  • Send notifications to approvers and requestors
  • Provide real time reporting for the compliance department

Palmtree added a Report a Concern Module

Now employees have the option of reporting concerns to management via the existing helpline, website or via the app.  Reports submitted through Palmtree generate a unique Report Key that allow employees to check on the status of their report.